Strategies on How to Look after Trees During Winter season


As opposed to various other areas in the country, Phoenix, Arizona doesn’t always experience extended days of freeze through the winter weather, but it generally does not suggest that our trees are perfectly free from deteriorating on the few nights of crazy temperature drops.

Aside from being sure that your family is cozy and snug over winter chills, your backyard garden trees must be given way more care too. Frost and freeze can potentially bring about critical deterioration or worse, it can kill desert trees if they are not monitored.

What Exactly is Tree Frost?

Frost occurs whenever the moisture of the external surface of trees form ice crystals because of the abrupt plunge of ambient temperatures and moisture content in the air. It is the opposite of just how dews are created during summer or warmer nights. Right now there are three kinds of frost that causes damage to most trees.

Blackfrost– This is actually the shadiest among the many frost types because it really causes extreme harm to Phoenix trees because of the cold temperature regardless if ice crystals didn’t practically form.

Hoarfrost– Is the most typical type of frost in desert trees and plants. White ice deposits which are noticed on winter mornings because of the wetness of the air changing solid because of the quick plunge in temperatures is brought about by hoarfrost.

Advection Frost– This sort of frost is known as wind frost. Advection frost takes place any time of the day or evening every time the extremely icy wind pounds on the tree trunks and leaves causing an instant development of very small ice particles to the surface that the wind actually reaches.

What Does a Freeze On Trees Do

Freeze is simply water converting to ice particles each time temperatures in the vicinity of a desert tree plunges to 32° F or 0° C. Due to this occurrence, the cells of the tree explode from the inside which causes critical harm or death to that section of the trees

Whilst there are some tree kinds that make it through the extreme chill of the winter weather because of the process of hardening, it remains to be strongly recommended by seasoned arborists to prepare your desert trees and shrubs before the winter arrives.

Attending to Trees Through The Winter

Even if the span of the cold nights during the winter season is shorter on the Phoenix area, home-owners should, all the same, ensure that their plants and trees are essentially catered for. There are numerous kinds of desert trees and several are even more sensitive to the cold conditions whilst some are more likely to stay alive devoid of any life-threatening problems incurred. Additionally, it is best to assess ahead of time which among the trees and desert plants that you own would require the winter season protection.

Desert Tree Covering

Tree covering is the most frequent and most reliable solution utilized throughout the Arizona state to help save trees over the winter months. A few of the ideal materials best for covering are worn out bed sheets, aged blanket covers, as well as burlaps. Hardware outlet stores in the Az region sell larger sheets that are actually suitable for covering trees in the winter season. Purchase them beforehand and do not wait until the sudden plummet in temperature comes. And, they are more expensive through the months of November, December, and February. You could possibly realize its nearly impossible to look for a hardware store that distributes those during wintertime.

Don’t use plastic to cover the tree. Pretty much any sheet which is made up of plastic cannot be chosen to cover the tree to protect them from frost because the dampness will become caught underneath the plastic and can induce increased trouble for the desert tree. The guideline when covering the tree is making sure that the desert tree is covered from top to bottom to lock in the heat. This is why sackcloths and blankets will be the favorite supplies to make use of.

Focus On Accurate Weather Forecasts and News

Once the winter weather gets near throughout the months of November and December, make it a tradition to stay tuned to weather reports to be aware of when freezes and sudden temperature drops will likely happen. Getting yourself prepared beforehand will give you enough time to arrange things that you would need to look after your desert tree. As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, it is best to prevent your desert tree from receiving serious problems from a couple of nights of a freeze. Plenty of desert trees are prone to exposure to the cold in wintertime and do not get to recover and basically die after a few weeks.

Wrap The Desert Tree To Prevent Damage To Limbs

Aside from covering your trees, one technique which is trusted in Phoenix, Az is the tree wrapping method. This process is really good specifically for tender and smaller desert trees that are classified as much susceptible to be afflicted by frost in contrast to older and sturdy trees.

The biggest purpose of wrapping a tree is to stop leaving the flimsy desert tree twigs to the freezing weather, not to mention to eliminate the attack of pests like rodents.

Experts advise wrapping the desert tree throughout the 1st week of the month of November but not later than December. Tree trunks need to be safeguarded from sun scald that is triggered by the severe changing of temperature from high to low which causes the desert tree barks to be prone to breaking.

Contrary to the process of covering your desert tree, sackcloths and blankets are definitely not good for wrapping a tree. You can get the suitable fabrics designed for wrapping a tree from hardware stores. Bear in mind, tree wrapping functions a totally different functionality from tree covering, therefore, it would definitely actually need a totally different wrapping item.

Wrapping your desert tree is not quite as complex as it might appear to be. The main purpose is to wrap your selected wrapping material around the trunks thoroughly allowing no layer open. Once you have ensured that the trunks are secured and snugly wrapped, use a scotch tape rather than metal wires or strings to secure the bottom end.

as soon as the winter season has finished and springtime starts, don’t forget to remove your tree wrapping immediately. Keeping the trees wrapped after the temperature starts to rise definitely will cause the tree to be coated in mildew which is going to cause an issue in the tree’s health and wellness.

Do Not Neglect Watering Your Trees

It is crucial that you still water your tree every day even throughout the winter months. A great number of tree owners fail to proceed with watering their desert trees in wintertime thinking that their tree really doesn’t need that much water considering the snow or ice particles that will gradually melt and become consumed by the tree. That is a terrible misconception that needs to be stopped. Give your tree just the appropriate amount of water daily to make it hydrated, then again make certain that you will do it at daytime. The ground will absorb sufficient heat in the daytime when you water it. But, just as each and every other day or any other period of time, make sure you do not overwater your tree.

Prune Your Tree Ahead of Time

To be able to prevent or decrease the impairment generated by the winter cold, make sure to prune the tree just before the winter season. Discard rowdy twigs and dead tree limbs. Pruning your tree will definitely even keep up its appearance and enhance their structure. Soon after the winter season has passed, prune your desert tree to make sure that damaged limbs are being eliminated. One essential point when it comes to pruning is to basically prune your desert tree when necessary. Don’t particularly cut tree parts for no reason.

Mulch and Fertilize Your Tree Before The Winter Months

Mulching and fertilizing at any given time is beneficial for your tree, nonetheless, it is far better to grant it more attentiveness a couple of before November to prep your tree for the winter. A strong tree will probably live every time faced with the tough freezing conditions of winter weather.

Request for Expert Assistance When It is More Than You Know

Don’t ever hesitate to wish for help from seasoned arborists when you are a brand new tree owner or if you’re not pretty sure how to correctly look after your desert tree all through the winter season. It is wise to pass on the wellbeing of the desert tree to the capable and qualified care of specialists.

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